December 2007


Word of the Week

Since last Thursday I have been unable to get one particular noun out of my head. That word, that noun, is:


Thursday I woke up to:

Snow. Serious Snow. Check this out:

Because of this Snow the kids had a Snow Day.

Friday we got more Snow.

Saturday I hid from the Snow inside a hockey arena. Sunday more hockey and–oh, get this–more Snow!

Monday, guess what? Snow. And another Snow Day for the kids. Got them to shovel some Snow.

Note abandoned Snow shovel above perched precariously on top of the Snow on top of the table. Note too that not much of the Snow was actually shovelled.

Today? Uh-huh, Snow.

It’s all whitish in the background. Trust me. This is Snow. It is snowing in this picture.

What’s in the forecast for tomorrow? Give you three guesses but you know you’d be right if you said SNOW!!!!

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