August 2008

Finding a Fix for Fingernails

One of the hazards of the writing profession is being forever doomed to short fingernails.

Apparently I haven’t been doing enough housework or something this summer because the fingernails on my left hand are really long — I mean two of them are 6 mm long. And I’ve been holding off shortening them because it’s kinda nice for once to have these elegant looking things belong to me. But I’m getting mighty tired of the fingernail induced typos. I’m sure I’ve fixed over 10 errors in this short paragraph alone due to the fact that my nails keep hitting the keys I’m not intending to hit.

But with each day that passes, actually getting out the file or trimmer is seeming more and more like an act of destruction than an act of mere practiciality. So what’s a writer to do?

I keep hoping that having to tie up my kids’ skates again will make short work of them since that’s usually good for snapping off even two short ones at a crack, easy. But so far no go, and I’ve been skate tying for a month already (that in itself is a scary statment but I won’t go there).

Maybe now that the start of school is impending I’d better step up the work cleaning the house. Meanwhile, guess I’ll just let spellcheck clean up my documents.

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The Change

There’s no more denying it. It has begun. At first there was just a subtle hue of yellow or orange to the maple leaves, and only this one bunch of leaves was reddish orange. I figured it was an just a mutant branch.

But now there are more–everywhere. I can’t pretend anymore that I don’t see it. The change has begun. Fall is my favourite season, but nevertheless I feel a sense of sadness to see summer winding down.

© Lizann Flatt,
No part of this blog may be used without written permission from the author.