September 2011


A Spectacular Sunset Sky

I invested a little time to be a spectator at the town ball park a few weeks ago. It paid off. Isn’t this a spectacular show in the sky?

Peake Fields Ball Park, Bracebridge, Ontario, Aug 22, 2011
Peake Fields Ball Park, Bracebridge, August 22, 2011

I think even hubby’s homeruns were eclipsed by the scenery. But don’t tell him that.

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Aw, Nuts!

How many of you who write for young kids find yourselves the recipient of requests to change your text because of sexual innuendos in your writing? Oh, come on. You know it’s happened!

I’m here standing up (har) to say I am not afraid to admit that it’s happened to me a few times. (I mean, I wrote a book titled “Let’s Go!”?? Come ON! You can just picture the nudge-nudge, wink-winks.)

I just agreed to change a line in a forthcoming picture book from:
Can you count each squirrel’s nuts?
How many nuts has each squirrel gathered?

Not a big change in intent, but probably a little less titter inducing. But grade two humor will rule no matter what. Just say the word ‘nuts’ and they’ll probably be rolling in the back row. But I don’t mind that reaction from an audience. It gets the kids/class involved, no? Books are fun. Books are funny!

You can call me naive for not picking up on these types of innuendoes on a more regular basis. But I also know that just about anything can be an innuendo if you want it to be. I always remember a lecture from one of my university professors that pointed out that the English language will always refer to the sexual in the absence of a concrete noun. Even you will titter if I write:
I want it.
I like it.
You need it.
no matter that I’m referring to chocolate. (Damn, what were you thinking???)

But I will consider softening an obvious innuendo if my editors asks. I’m not completely nuts.

So that’s my rant for the day–a day which kicks off the last long weekend of summer. Have a good one!  (nudge-nudge, wink-wink)

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