Backgammon for Kids

Backgammon is a game that challenges both the creative and logical sides of the brain. Ideal for kids on the go, it comes complete with a full set of plastic pieces, one doubling die, two pairs of dice, two shakers, a carrying case, and a book of backgammon rules, strategies, trivia, and history. It’s everything you need to play — all packaged in a custom-designed portfolio board with a magnetic closure so kids can take it anywhere!

The book is beautifully designed with effective borders, short, to-the-point boxes of fascinating historical information and appealing medieval nobles and elves that carry out the printed information in the background. Particularly helpful are the diagrams of the board that illustrate each section. Dotted lines are used to show moves. The board’s triangles are numbered in the diagrams to make instructions clearer. Although this is a book that the beginner will return to again and again to clarify the rules and best strategies it also will pique students’ curiosity and sense of humour. Excellent, enduring, everyone should see it! 
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The Story Behind the Book
As a kid I played backgammon for hours with my BFF, Tammy. We were pretty evenly matched opponents, although neither one of us could figure out how to use the doubling cube. It was only when I was writing this book that I finally figured it out!

I was asked to write this book by the original publisher, Somerville House. Because it was a game I enjoyed so much as a young girl, I thoroughly enjoyed the research and writing. I even pulled out my old original backgammon board (I still have it) and stuck numbered sticky notes all over the edge to help me with writing the instructions.

Written by Lizann Flatt
Published by
Somerville House, 1999
Key Porter Books, 2002
Illustrated by Kelvin F.R. Smith
ISBN: 1552860256 ,  978-1581840513
48 pages

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Awards and Honours
Resource Links, The Year’s Best, 2000