Early Islamic Empires

This book explores the growth and spread of Muslim peoples from the early 600s to the end of the Ottoman Empire. Early Islamic empires spread from the Middle East to the far corners of Asia and into Europe. The stories of the Umayyds, Abbasids, Al-Andalus, Fatimids, Crusades, Mongols, Safavids, and the Moghul and Ottoman empires are revealed. Key conquests and battles including the Crusades are detailed.

Part of the Life in the Early Islamic World series

This series… does provide a rounded picture of society as it developed in North Africa and the Middle East. All the titles will be welcome additions to a library collection. They can be used in teaching units or serve as good reading for young history buffs. Highly Recommended.
Canadian Materials, Volume XIX Number 27, March 15, 2013, Harriet Zaidman
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Early Islamic Empires

Written by Lizann Flatt
Published by Crabtree Books
Bender Richardson White
Size: 7¼″× 9¼″
Pages: 48
ISBN: 9780778721710

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