Life in a Forestry Community

Trees were one of the first natural resources used by man. In North America, most native and early European settlements were set up near forests where wood was harvested for firewood, for building homes and boats, and for fortifying villages.

These titles would be useful in a primary social studies curriculum. Recommended. 
Gail Hamilton, Canadian Materials Magazine, Vol 16, No 25

Western Canada had, and continues to have, huge coniferous forests. McKenzie in British Columbia, Canada, (population: 5,450) is a community based on timber mills, timber supply, and tourism. It’s part of the series Learn About Rural Life.

Special thanks to Kerri Borne at the District of Mackenzie, and Alice Winkel, for helping with the local info in this book. Products from trees make our lives much easier. We all need to care for the valuable tree resources we have here in North America, and all over the world.

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