Life in an Industrial City

This book is part of the Learn About Urban Life series. Life in an Industrial City looks at everyday life in cities that have grown up around a particular industry. Most people in these cities work in factories, warehouses, ports, airports, or transportation.

Focusing on Houston, Texas, this title looks at how people live, work, and relax in the industrial part of the city. It also highlights the problems of a big industrial city, and compares Houston to similar cities around the world.

A Story Behind the Book

I was asked to research and write this book. While I’ve always lived in a rural area, I love the energy big cities have. I worked in a big city for many years and I’ve visited many more. But I relied on a local consultant who knows a lot about life in Houston for help with this book. Mary D. Wade is an author herself. Thank you!

Written by Lizann Flatt
Published by
Crabtree Books, 2010
Bender Richardson White
ISBN 978-0778773924
8½ x 11
32 pages

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