Life in a Suburban City

This book is part of the Learn About Urban Life series. Life in a Suburban City looks at living in cities that have spread from the center far into the countryside. Many people live and work in areas that are miles from downtown. These are the suburbs. They are like mini-cities of their own.

Los Angeles, California is the featured example, and focuses on family life in a typical suburb. It also investigates the problems of a big, modern, sprawling city and how these problems are dealt with.

I was asked to research and write this book. While I’ve always lived in a rural area, I love the energy big cities have. I worked in a big city for many years and I’ve visited many more. But I relied on a local consultant who knows a lot about life in Los Angeles for help with this book. Sara Jane Boyers is an amazing photographer and book author. Thank you!

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Life in a Suburban City

Written by Lizann Flatt
Published by
Crabtree Books, 2010
Bender Richardson White
ISBN 978-0778773948
8½ x 11
32 pages

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