The Nature Treasury

Have you ever been to a desert, the Arctic, or the bottom of the ocean? Let this book take you on an exciting journey through nature around the world.

This outstanding title combines beautiful full-colour illustrations with clear prose to teach kids simple science facts… A valuable resource for every collection.
Canadian Children’s Book Centre

The Story Behind the Book

I have always been fascinated by nature, maybe because a lot of it makes me sneeze. I love carrying my camera around with me to take photos of the plants and animals I come across in my daily life. I’ve always lived in a rural setting, but even when I worked in the city I liked to look for the animal and plant life there.

Animals and plants with their beauty and gritty reality are endlessly interesting to me. Who knew that some chickens dance? Who knew that humans eat grass…or at least plants that are members of the grass family? Humans are a part of the complex natural world and I wanted to show that to young children. The puzzle to find the animals in the book adds a layer of fun to the information.

“It’s chock full of rich colour illustrations, simple explanations and amazing facts about plants and animals. It’s well worth the (price).”
The Ottawa Citizen
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Nature Treasury

Written by Lizann Flatt
Published by Maple Tree Press/OwlKids Books 2005
Illustrated by Allan Cormack and Deborah Drew-Brook
ISBN: 1-897066-42-2
48 pages
9½ x 12 ¾

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Awards and Honours
Resource Links “Best of the Year,” 2006
•”Our Choice” starred selection, Canadian Children’s Book Centre